Park Lane Academy

External Provision


  • The Heights, opened in September 2019 as an Alternative Provision for pupils aged five to sixteen. It provides high quality vocational education from state-of-the-art facilities in addition to core subjects for pupils who have found it difficult to achieve in their mainstream setting. Their vision is to deliver outstanding education enabling pupils to develop confidence, resilience and employability so they are able to achieve their potential. They provide outstanding education with personalised pathways tailored to the needs of each pupil with a key focus on the core subjects of English, mathematics and science in addition to the vocational subjects. Preparation for the world of work will form a key element of the curriculum. 


  1. Nexus, every year they support young people who are ready to start work, but who are not yet old enough to leave school. The Nexus In-School programme provides a hybrid learning/employment solution for young people – for two days per week they devote their in-school time to passing core English and maths GCSEs and the remaining three days per week is spent gaining employability skills and valuable experience of work. Over the years they have seen countless young people transform their lives in a matter of weeks. By developing work-based skills they thrive and grow, which in turn creates enthusiastic, hardworking and confident young employees to providing the best educational experiences for our young people. By the end of the placement, their employers usually wonder how they ever coped without them! Working together as part of the Education Partnership Trust, we strive to enable learning through a personalised provision; working in partnership; and inspiring each pupil to reach their own heights.