Park Lane Academy

English Literature

Edexcel GCSE

Paper 1: Shakespeare and Post 1914 Literature (50% of the overall grade)

Paper 2: 19th Century Novel and Poetry since 1789 (50% of the overall grade)

Outline of Subject

Students will study highly engaging and challenging books, plays and poetry from a range of writers, genres and time periods to support them in evaluating literary works. The GCSE will provide them with a richer cultural understanding of the world around them (past and present) and develop critical thinking and analytical writing skills integral to continued learning and future career and employment routes.

What will I learn?

Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Main Literary text:

An Inspector Calls by JB Priestley


Linked poetry from the conflict anthology:

Cousin Kate by

Christina Rossetti, Catrin by Gillian Clarke and Class Game by Mary Casey.

Main Literary text:

Jekyll and Hyde 19th

Century Gothic Horror


Linked poetry from the conflict anthology: A Poison Tree by William Blake, and Destruction of Sennacherib by Lord


Poetry from the conflict anthology focusing on the theme of war:

The Man He Killed by

Thomas Hardy, Belfast

Confetti by Ciaran

Carson, Exposure by

Wilfred Owen, The

Charge of the Light

Brigade by Alfred

Lord Tennyson, War

Photographer by

Carole Satyamurti,

Poppies by Jane

Weir and What Were They Like? By Denise



Main Literary text:

The Tempest by William




Linked Fiction:

No Problem by

Benjamin Zephaniah,

Extract from the

Prelude by William Wordsworth, Half Caste by John Agard

Curriculum content: Revision of all literary texts, fulfils national curriculum objectives at KS4



Revision of all set texts (for English Literature) to prepare for English Literature Examination




How will I learn?

Students will develop skills to analyse how the language, form, structure and context of texts can create meanings and effects through characterisation, plot and themes encountered. They will learn how to think critically about texts in order to establish assured personal viewpoints as well as learning a range of quotations off-by-heart in preparation for the closed book examination.

Where will it take me?

A good English Literature GCSE grade is desirable for any student who wishes to enter Sixth Form, to continue into higher education and to secure employment. Careers directly linked with English Literature include Author, Broadcaster, Actor/Actress, Advertising Executive, Lawyer, Creative Director, Politician, Librarian, TV Producer, Social worker, Sales Assistant, Editor, Journalist, Psychologist. 


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