Park Lane Academy

Creative Media


Internal Assessment = 60%

Exam = 40%


Outline of Subject

The BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production is a Level 2 qualification that allows students to explore different audiences and types of media. You will focus on the film industry and look at how different techniques are used to engage audiences. You will analyse the different types of media and how audiences are engaged then put this knowledge into practice creating several short movies according to a set brief.


What will I learn?

Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
10 Exploring media products Completion of internal assessment Skills development - media production skills
11 Developing digital media production skills Completion of internal assessment

Completion of external assessment


Create a media product in response to a brief

How will I learn? 

The Tech Award combines theory with plenty of practical application. Students will acquire actual knowledge of the media sector and how media production techniques are applied to engage audiences.


Where will it take me?

This subject can lead to further study at level 3 of academic and/or vocational qualifications in design and technology, Art, Computer Science, and to apprenticeships.