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AQA Citizenship 8100

Paper 1: 1 Hour 45 Minutes 50% of GCSE

Unit 1: Citizenship Action

Unit 4: Politics and Participation

Paper 2: 1 Hour 45 Minutes 50% of GCSE

Unit 2: Life in modern Britain

Unit 3 Rights and Responsibilities


Outline of Subject

The aims and objectives of this qualification are to enable students to:

  • Know and understand what democracy is, how parliamentary democracy operates within the constituent parts of the UK.
  • Know and understand the relationship between the state and citizens, the rights, responsibilities and duties of citizens living and working in the UK and how people participate in democracy.
  • Know and understand the role of the law in society, how laws are shaped ad enforced and how the justice system works in England and Wales.
  • Know and understand how taxes are raised and spent by governments, and how national economic and financial policies and decisions relate to individuals.
  • Use and apply knowledge and understanding of key citizenship ideas and concepts, including democracy, government, justice equality, rights, responsibilities, participation, community, identity and diversity, to think deeply and critically about a wide range of political, social, economic and ethical issues and questions facing society in local to global contexts.
  • Use and apply knowledge and understanding as they formulate citizenship enquiries, explore and research citizenship issues and actions, analyse and evaluate information and interpret source of evidence.
  • Use and apply citizenship knowledge and understanding to contribute to debates, show understanding of different viewpoints, make persuasive and reasoned arguments, and justify and substantiate their conclusions.
  • Use and apply citizenship knowledge, understanding and skills in order to participate in responsible actions to address citizenship issues aimed at improving society and positively contributing to democracy and pubic life, as individuals and collaboration with others.

What will I learn?

Content Overview Assessment Overview
AO1 30% Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of citizenship concepts, terms and issues.
AO2 30% Apply knowledge and understanding of citizenship concepts, terms and issues to contents and actions.
AO3 40% Analyse and evaluate a range of evidence relating to citizenship issues, debates and actions, including different viewpoints, to develop reasoned, coherent arguments and make substantiated judgements




Students can look forward to going into a career in law, working for the home office, citizen’s advice bureau and many more. The skills they acquire from this subject puts them in good stead for studying any subject later on. Students can progress from this qualification to AS and A Levels in other subjects. This includes subjects that build upon aspects of content studied, particular Government and Politics; but the skills students acquire in GCSE Citizenship are transferable to other AS and A Levels and Level 3 vocational qualifications, such as BTEC Nationals.


GCSE Citizenship students will be offered the chance to attend booster sessions to help exam preparation in Yea 11. In Year 10 students will be able to take part in various workshops throughout the year.


Further Information:

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