Park Lane Academy

Business and Enterprise


Internal assessment = 60%

Exam = 40%


Outline of Subject

This course will give learners a broad insight into entrepreneurship and the skills, knowledge and attitudes that underpin it, allowing them to decide whether it is a career pathway they would like to pursue, while keeping their options for progression wide open. Using realistic vocational contexts, learners will acquire sector-specific applied knowledge and practices, studying the characteristics of enterprises and entrepreneurs, researching internal and external factors affecting the business.


What will I learn?

Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Exploring enterprises - introduction to key topics


Exploring enterprises - internal assessment

Completion of internal assessment



Planning and presenting an enterprise idea


Internal assessment

11 Marketing

Financial documents


Measuring financial performance

External assessment


How will I learn?

The Tech Award combines theory with plenty of practical application. Students will acquire actual knowledge of the sector studying the characteristics of enterprises and entrepreneurs and the world of Business. 


Where will it take me?

This subject can lead to further study at level 3 of academic and/or vocational qualifications in Marketing, Accountancy, Business and enterprise, and to apprenticeships.


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