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AQA Art, Craft and Design

Outline of Subject

The GCSE in Art, Craft and Design is a broad and flexible course that requires students to develop an appreciation of the creative process through a practical response, using a variety of two- dimensional and three-dimensional materials, techniques and processes. Students explore critically how artists, craftspeople and designers from diverse cultures, times and societies have arrived at solutions and communicated meaning using art. Students should use this knowledge when developing new ideas, recording observations and creating outcomes which fully realize their personal intentions.

There are two components:

Component one: Student portfolio

Students explore and create work related to selected areas of study from the following titles: Graphic, Communication, Textile design, Three-dimensional design and many more.

Component two: Externally set assignment


What will I learn?

Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Component One: Students explore and create work related to selected areas of study from the following titles: Graphic, Communication, Textile design, Three-dimensional design, and many more.

Mock exam: Students experience externally set assignment, and exam conditions (five- hours, (one day), in art studio environment).
11 Component One: Students explore and create work related to selected areas of study from the following titles: Graphic, Communication, Textile design, Three- dimensional design, and many more.

Component Two:

Externally set assignment and ten-

hour exam (over two days, in art studio environment).

Students review, select and present

their Portfolio for final submission, ensuring that the component requirements are fulfilled and evidenced.

  • Develop your ideas through investigations informed by selecting and critically analysing sources
  • Apply an understanding of relevant practices in the creative and cultural industries to your work
  • Refine your ideas as work progresses through experimenting with media, materials, techniques and processes
  • Record your ideas, observations, insights and independent judgements, visually and through written annotation, using appropriate specialist vocabulary, as work progresses
  • Use visual language critically as appropriate to your own creative intentions and chosen area(s) of study through effective and safe use of media, materials, techniques, processes and technologies.

Where will it take me?

Art can be great preparation for any career that requires fine motor skills, presentation skills, an eye for aesthetics and creative thinking! Writing and analytical jobs include art curriculum writer, art historian, art critic, arts administrator, arts and cultural planner, website owner, blogger, graphic novel author. Graphic designer jobs include advertising director, logo/branding designer, advertisement designer, sign writer, magazine layout designer, book/eBook designer, packaging designer, calendar/stationary/wallpaper designer, typographer. 3D product designer jobs include industrial designer/bridge designer, toy designer, miniature model maker, mock-up artist, stained glass window designer, prop designer, food production designer, pottery or ceramic designer, wood turner/carver, mosaic designer, jeweller, weaver, glass artist.  Fine artist jobs include airbrush artist, spray painter, architectural illustrator, book illustrator, graphic illustrator, cartoonist, caricaturist, commercial artist, fine artist (painter), printmaker, screen printer, courtroom artist, art conservationist, special effects make-up artist, mural artist, tattoo artist. People management jobs include art school director, art and technology teacher, university lecturer., professor, private art instructor, art therapist, art dealer, artist agent, art supplier retailer. Fashion and textiles designer jobs include fibre artist, accessory designer, dress maker, embroiderer, fashion consultant, fashion designer, sports apparel designer, fashion merchandiser, pattern maker, costume designer, quilt/rug/linen designer, fabric and textile designer, t-shirt designer.  Spatial designer jobs include architect, landscape architect, urban designer, town planner, playground/theme park/sports arena/golf course designer, interior designer, stage designer. Digital and multimedia jobs include animator, concept artist, digital illustrator, digital 3d modeller, web designer, iPhone/android app designer, television/film producer, documentary filmmaker, camera operator, film editor, special effects designer, video game designer, YouTube video creator. Arranging and display jobs include food stylist, floral arranger, exhibition planner, art consultant, gallery owner/assistant, museum curator, personal stylist, picture framer, online curator. And many more!!!


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