Park Lane Academy

Suspension Analysis

Suspension analysis 2021/22

The covid pandemic had a significant negative impact on student behaviour in the academy. We recognize that disruptive student behaviour has likely been driven by a range of personal, academic and psychological challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. With the substantial loss of learning and students being out of routine, some students have struggled being back in mainstem education.

Calderdale has experienced high levels of suspensions and permanent exclusion. (see data below)

• 50% rise in suspensions compared to the same period last year

• 112% increase in ten days or more suspensions

• 70% of PEx are FSM and 53% SEND

New Positive Behaviour Policy: HT6 – June 2022 

• With the introduction of our new Positive Behaviour policy, we have seen a significant improvement in student behaviour in and out of lessons.

• Suspension remained high in the final HT as we maintained a firm approach which is supported by the DfE Behaviour hubs programme.

• Overall classroom removals reduced on a weekly basis with now over 90% of students conforming to academy expectations, resulting in compliant classrooms enabling teachers teach.