Park Lane Academy

Student Ambassadors / Deputy Head Students: 2020-21



Student Ambassadors are key to promoting key aspects of the academy that are built into its values and personal development curriculum. Student Ambassadors will work with key staff to promote and raise awareness of ‘Big Topics’ that impact us all, working with students and staff to make sure we are thinking and listening about what it means to us and for us. Our "Big Topics" this year are:



      Charity & Community

      Mental Health


Student Ambassadors / Deputy Head Students will create workshops, provide opportunities for debate and help to raise awareness for everyone so that key topics in our society and helping to make us all more aware, knowledgeable and confident in discussing and making decisions.


Role Description:

• Promote ‘Big Topics’ in and around the academy

• Help and support other students in all year groups

• Work with teachers and associate staff

• Attend academy events

• Support the academy values in everything that you do

• Deliver assemblies


Values Needed:

Ambition to put yourself forward and make a difference

Pride in your academy

Respect for local, national and worldwide topics

Honesty in yourself

Confidence to stand up in front of others

Resilience to overcome challenges