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The restaurant at Park Lane Academy is run by Autograph who provide food people can trust, using locally sourced sustainable produce that is traceable from farm to fork.  They have been working alongside the education community, and inspiring pupils of all ages to think differently about food, for over 15 years.

Autograph follows recommendations in The School Food Plan that is designed to help achieve more in serving enticing and delicious school meals, offering balanced and nutritious menus, creating a positive food culture and forging links with the local community.

Park Lane Academy operates a cashless catering system for purchasing items from the onsite restaurant, students are identified via a biometric system provided by Nationwide Retail Systems.

Benefits of the Cashless Catering System

  • Increased uptake and anonymity for those on Free School Meals
  • No need to carry cash preventing loss/theft
  • Automatic alerts to stop pupils purchasing allergy trigger items
  • Increased speed of service reducing queuing times

What is Biometric?

Biometric is simply a method of identifying an individual person using suitable body characteristics. We will be using a formula that converts a picture of the fingerprint which reads between 50 and 130 points on the finger/thumb. A series of numbers are recorded and it is important to note that these cannot be used to recreate an impression of the fingerprint.

How does a Biometric System work?

The information of a student or staff member, who has been biometrically registered, is stored on a secure Biometric Controller within the school, which only our provider, Nationwide Retail Systems Ltd, can access. Once an account is credited the student or staff member places their finger/thumb on the EPOS Terminal, which looks up their account details and allows them to purchase items using only this method of identification.

I do not wish my child to use the biometric system.

If you do not wish your child to use the biomeric system they will be issued with a pin number to use when purchasing items from the restaurant.

How do ‘free meal’ entitlements work?

All free meal entitlements will be entered on to the system prior to the ‘Live’ day. The Cashless Catering System will, on a daily basis, automatically allocate the appropriate accounts with the free meal amounts. Students with Free Meal Entitlements remain anonymous at all times as all account types are accessed in the exact same manner regardless as to whether paid for or not. NB. Any monies not spent from the daily free meal allocation will not be carried over to the next day.

Can I dictate my child’s dietary requirements?

The system will allow you to register any items that your child is not allowed due to dietary needs or religious beliefs. Any such items must be confirmed in writing, to the school, by the parent/guardian. 

How do we add credit?

You will  be sent a letter with your child’s sQuid registration details
This is a 16 digit registration number and 3 digit security code that you should register on the sQuid website.

If you have more than one child at the school, they will each be issued with their own registration number.

Simply follow the instructions set out in the letter to create your online sQuid account and register your child.

Once you have created a sQuid account for your child, you will also be able to manage their account online at any time to:

  • Top up their account from your bank account, credit or debit card
  • Enable Auto top up so that they never run out of funds
  • Check their account balance
  • View their transactions

 Useful Links:

Nation Wide Retail Systems
Squid Online Payments

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