Park Lane Academy

Travel Information

Travel to & from Park Lane: Buses:

When your child starts school in September they may be travelling to school on a bus for the first time. Students aged 11-16 need to have a U16’s PhotoCard, which entitles them to half-fare travel anywhere in West Yorkshire, and can be applied for online or from your local Bus Station Travel Centre. To continue paying half-fare, get a U16’s PhotoCard.


Apply online at You will need: a passport-quality colour photo, saved to your computer, a valid passport and an email address. If you don't have a valid passport, go to your local bus station Travel Centre with your birth certificate and your parent/guardian.


PL1 & PL2:

These are contract buses provided by the Local Authority, which carry Park Lane students only. Students have to be registered for one of the services, full details can be found via


If you need helping accessing the website please contact school on 01422 362215 for further assistance.


Safe Travel on Buses Guidelines (contract and service buses):

  • Be courteous, polite and sensible at all times. Remember that you represent your school. 

  • Where possible sit down during the journey. 

  • Before leaving the bus check that you have all your belongings and that you have not left any litter behind. 

  • On a service bus please give up your seat for an elderly or infirm person. 

  • Seatbelts must be worn on the bus. 


Route maps:

Below is also a link of the route on googlemaps:



Students are encouraged to cycle safely to and from school. Cycle racks are provided, although each student bringing a bicycle will require a padlock or similar security device. If using the pedestrian access, students on bicycles should dismount. 



Wherever possible, for environmental reasons, students should walk, cycle or use the bus service to travel to and from school. 
If students arrive or leave by car please abide by the following instructions – it could save a child from serious injury.


  • Do not park in the yellow-hatched bus area. The only exception is in the morning when the area may be clear, and it is safe to do so. 

  • Do not double park opposite the zebra crossing or bus bays. This is extremely dangerous. There are usually vacant parking spaces on the other side of the car park. 

  • We have disabled students. We need the disabled parking slots for special transport and large taxis. 

  • Please keep to the speed limit – 5 mph.