Park Lane Academy

Cashless Payments

Instead of using physical cash the Academy uses a cashless online payment system called ParentPay. It allows parents to make secure online payments for meals, clubs, trips, uniforms, and more from a computer or mobile device. Money is uploaded onto ParentPay online and transfers money from your bank onto your child account.  

Parents are given a unique login and password to access their ParentPay account. Parents can view the child's account balance, make payments and set up automatic payments for recurring expenses. 

Using ParentPay can save parents time and hassle by eliminating the need to send cash or checks to school. It also provides a more secure and transparent way to manage school expenses, as parents can see exactly what they are paying for and when.   

ParentPay - Leading Cashless Payment System for Schools

Each child has received a letter with log in details. If you have not received a log in you will need to contact the office on 01422 362215.