Park Lane Academy

Option-Separate Science

AQA GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Outline of Subject:

We believe that science has something to offer every student, whatever their aspirations. From trainee chef to nuclear physicist, construction apprentice to cancer researcher, everyone needs some level of relevant science understanding.

Studying the separate sciences means students will cover more content than GCSE Combined Science. The GCSE separate science courses will provide great preparation for AS and A-level.

How will I learn?

Science is a set of ideas about the material world. Working scientifically is the sum of all the activities that scientists do, and they are woven through the specification and written papers and we have planned the course around them.

We also want learners to understand the processes of scientific inquiry as well as the ideas to which it leads, to know how the ideas that explain things in the world around us have been arrived at, not just what these ideas are. Participation in scientific inquiry enables students to develop ideas about science and how ideas are developed through scientific activity.

All the parts of what good science is at GCSE level have been included: whether it be investigating, observing, experimenting or testing out ideas and thinking about them. The key scientific ideas flow through the teaching of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This will involve talking about, reading and writing about science plus the actual doing, as well as representing science in its many forms both mathematically and visually through models.

Career opportunities in Science: include: Astronomer; Doctor; Biochemist; Animal Technician; Lab Technician; Botanist; Microbiologist; Pharmacy Technician; Zoologist; Fingerprint Officer; Medical Secretary; Vet; Sport Psychologist; Forensic Scientist; Crime Scene Investigator; Environmental Analyst; Medical Laboratory Assistant; Dentist; Nuclear Physicist; Data Analyst

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