Park Lane Academy


AQA Geography

Outline of Subject: This course allows you to study the natural and the built environment, giving you the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the Geography both on a local level but on a world scale. It offers you the opportunity to explain, interpret and analyse data from case studies around the world of which we look deeper at hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes but also problems that over population has on the world.

How will I learn? You will study 9 key topics within Geography, covering the fundamental knowledge, skills and understanding required within the subject which then develops into the examination.

Where will it take me? This subject can lead to further study at level 3 of academic and/or vocational qualifications in Geography and or the physical and the built environment, working in the outdoors or through apprenticeships.

Further information: Health and safety permitting, there will be opportunity to experience a variety of school trips over the two-year programme of study.