Park Lane Academy

Internal Provision

 The SPARTA curriculum is part of our commitment to overcoming challenges through a student-centred approach. By offering a bespoke SPARTAN time curriculum and Behavioural Management Plan, created using a variety of SEAL, SUMO and Growth Mindset strategies, key students will have the opportunity to articulate their feelings about their own performance and give them the chance to work in partnership with SLT and our pastoral teams to overcome barriers to learning.

Key strands of teaching and learning and topic areas have been developed and a more detailed approach based on collaboration with the Pastoral and safeguarding team around key issues highlighted within the academy. The SPARTAN curriculum and intervention programme is designed to be preventative, whilst offering the flexibility to be reactive and address issues important to the context of the student and the academy.

Teaching and learning centres around personalisation and communication skills are a strong focus, with self-awareness, empathy, motivation, managing feelings and the development of social skills forming a key component within lessons, in order to enable students to develop effective communication skills and manage their emotions appropriately.

The SPARTAN curriculum has been developed in a way which ensures that students are able to understand key aspects of their own health and wellbeing, maintaining and respecting relationships, and their role in the local and global community.