Park Lane Academy

Head Students: 2020-21



Our new Head Students welcome you to Park Lane Academy. They're excited to begin working with the school's senior leadership and school council to develop our three key areas for this year:



     Charity & Community

     Mental Health


In the coming weeks our Head Students will share about why they were so keen to be in this role. Look out for the updates!


The position of Head Students is an extremely important one and is the most senior student role in the school. They are the leaders of the student community and an important link between students and staff. Students are nominated by their peers and staff at the start of Year 11 and lead in this position for one year. During this time they are supported by a Deputy Head Students / Lead Ambassadors, helping to lead a student leadership team to support the academy and its improvement journey. Head Students will often be seen leading school events and welcoming parents and visitors to the academy.


Role Description:

• Help to lead the academy

• Promote the academy

• Help and support other students in all year groups

• Work with teachers and associate staff

• Attend academy events

• Lead the Student Leadership Teams in having an impact 

• Support the academy values in everything that you do

• Deliver assemblies


Values Needed:

Ambition to put yourself forward and help lead the academy

Pride in your academy

Respect for everyone around you and your community

Honesty in yourself and the reasons for your decisions

Confidence to stand up in front of others and make decisions

Resilience to overcome challenging times