Park Lane Academy


This platform, called GCSE POD, provides mini video tutorials and information resources which can be revised and the revision of which can be tested so your child can quickly evaluate how they are doing on specific areas of learning within specific subject areas, and establish where they need to spend more time and/or focus.


Students are being given opportunities to access this resource within the school day and we wanted to ensure that students could also use the resource at home. The resource can be accessed on phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, ipads and console gaming systems such as Playstation or Xbox, offering ample platforms for students to work independently or with your guidance and supervision.


Attached is a guide to support your child in accessing the platform and we strongly advise that they are spending an hour a day using this (alongside other revision materials given by the teacher), planning in time to revise all areas required for final examinations.


gcse pod how to guide.pdf