Park Lane Academy

Child Development

Year 10 & 11

Level 1 & 2 Child Development

Exam Board: OCR Cambridge nationals


Content / Topics

R018: Health & Well-being for Child Development - this unit reflects the importance of child development for the age range, which is also reflected in the focus of this qualification on birth up to five years.

This unit is externally assessed to ensure learners know the roles and responsibilities of parenthood from reproduction and pregnancy through to preparation for birth.

The focus then moves to keeping a baby safe and well learning about childhood illnesses and how to prevent them as well as safe practices to prevent harm, accidents and injuries.

Students will sit and externally assessed written examination testing any areas of this unit.

R019: Understand the equipment and nutritional needs of children from birth to five years – this unit is about the different equipment and nutritional requirements of children from birth to five years. It focuses on understanding the key factors to consider when choosing equipment . it also focuses on dietary guidelines, the functions and sources of nutrients and the feeding of young children

R020: Understanding the physical, intellectual and social developmental norms from birth to five years.- this unit focuses on the development of children from birth to five years. this unit reflects the importance of play as a route of children’s learning, which also forms the basis of early years frameworks, such as the Early Years Foundation Stage (England) and Foundation Phase (Wales).

Skills Taught
  • Personal, learning and thinking skills
  • English knowledge and skills
  • Maths knowledge and skills


Assessment Detail

The OCR Cambridge national includes two externally assessed units - 25% each and It also includes a written examination; worth 50% of the grade.