Park Lane Academy

Option-Sports Science

OCR Cambridge National

Outline of Subject: The OCR Cambridge National Sports Science qualification gives students an understanding of sports injuries and how the body works. It gives students the opportunity to design and take part in a fitness programme, learn about injuries, psychology in sport, importance of a balanced diet, use of technology in sport and how the body works. Students will complete 4 modules in total, all worth 25% towards their final grade. 1 unit is examined and the other 3 are internally assessed and sent off for moderation. 2 modules are mandatory and the other 2 will be chosen based on the cohort of students.

How will I learn? Students will complete coursework, practical and theory aspects during the course. Practically students will have the opportunity to design and complete their own fitness programme along with fitness tests. Coursework will be completed in every module that they complete in the qualification. Theory lessons will also take place in preparation for their external examination.

Where will it take me? After completing the course students can progress onto college to complete a level 2/3 qualification dependent on their grade. Students could also take on an apprenticeship in a sports environment. This can then lead to university courses or jobs in the sporting sector including personal training.

Further information: Visit the OCR website for further information about the course.