Park Lane Academy


AQA Photography

Outline of Subject: This course allows you to study the amazing art of photography, giving you the opportunity to explore and experience a range of photographic media, and develop skills within a range of techniques and processes. You will be made aware of both traditional and new technologies whilst trying your hand in a range of areas including Portraiture, landscape, still life, photojournalism, fashion, multimedia and moving image photography.

How will I learn? You will be required to research photographers and develop your own ideas in response to their work. You will be taught how to experiment with cameras, studio lighting and editing. Finally, you will aim to improve the quality of your work and make a professional looking final piece at the end of the course. Internal Assessment = 60%          Externally set assignment = 40%

Where will it take me?  This subject can lead to further study at A level at college and be a foundation to pursuing a photography-based degree at University level.

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